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Von Treskow’s collection is appreciated for its timeless look and brilliance. The sleekly and meticulously designed jewellery pieces are carved with an emphasis on quality and exude unmatched craftsmanship. The handmade design enhances the natural appeal of the stone used. With a focus on wearability, each creation is simple and radiates understated elegance.

The centrepieces of Von Treskow’s collection includes historic coins that have been transformed into stunning pieces. The collection is diverse with classic iconography and religious symbols beautifully incorporated into the finest jewellery. Designed to look incredible for years, each piece is carved from the finest materials and to the highest standards. At Jewellers Mark, we invite you to browse through the exquisite collection that we have for you.


Cherish every moment with the precious diamond jewellery. A diamond is more than just a present, its sparkling beauty can help you make any moment extremely meaningful and memorable.

Are you looking for a timeless and classic jewellery design? You are at the right platform. Explore our product page and choose one of the finest diamond jewellery today.

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