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Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings

Despite the traditionality of diamond engagement rings in Melbourne, coloured gemstones offer just as much of a statement and meaning, with a burst of personality. If you are exploring options for custom-made engagement rings in Melbourne, we can help you. If you’re after bespoke engagement rings with a pop of colour, then a coloured gemstone could be your best option! We bring you amazing options for custom-made engagement rings in Melbourne and invite you to view the coloured gemstone rings that we have. We offer a range of coloured stone engagement rings in Melbourne which have been hand selected and crafted by our master jeweller. Coloured gemstones can be just as overwhelming as selecting a diamond. What size to what stone? What colour to which cut? There are numerous factors which contribute towards finding the perfect-coloured stone for designing a bespoke and quality engagement ring. So, what should you be considering when selecting your coloured stone custom-made engagement ring in Melbourne?


Like colourless diamonds, the quality of a coloured gemstone is determined by a combination of the 4Cs: colour, clarity, cut and carat weight. For coloured gems, however, colour is by far the most important factor. In some cases, such as whether a gem is called pink sapphire or ruby, or green beryl or emerald, the distinction may be made based on colour alone. Clarity is important, but for most coloured gems there is no universal grading system or set of standards to evaluate clarity. And cut may vary greatly from stone to stone. The goal is typically to maximize size and colour – or, as in the case of fantasy cuts, to create a custom-made engagement ring that is a work of art.


Durability is a major consideration when searching for a quality engagement ring gemstone. The gem you choose must withstand the bumps and bangs of daily wear, plus the effects of heat, light, household chemicals and low or high humidity. Different gemstones have different properties and, as a result, different tolerances to these stressors.


The shape of the gemstone is the next element to consider when selecting your gemstone. Limited by gemstone availability and the different structures, not every stone can be cut to every shape.
If the colour of the stone is the most important factor to you when selecting your stone, it may be in your interest to be flexible in its shape. But you will find that most stones are cut into their respective shapes for what suits them best!

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