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Outdated, unworn, inherited or old jewellery need no longer sit at the bottom of a drawer.

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Everyone has jewellery that they received as a gift or bought for themselves, but wish it was something different. At Jewellers Mark, we pride ourselves in giving older, unwanted, or inherited jewellery a new lease on life and enhancing the sentiment of the jewellery. Our master jeweller can transform something that’s been sitting at the bottom of your draw into something that can be worn and treasured. We utilise the existing gemstones and metal, and can add additional pieces as required to complete your design into a bespoke handmade piece which will be something you can wear for years to come while still honouring the original piece and the sentimental value.
Our expertise and skill in remodelling is exemplary. Bring your old jewellery into our showroom and speak with our design team about what we can transform for you!

Different Type of Jewellery you can remodel:

  • Old inherited Jewellery
  • Jewellery you don’t like
  • Broken Jewellery
  • Restoration
  •  Value Addition
  • Customisation

How does it work?

We provide you with a range of options when it comes to your remodel. We can modify it in a number of ways including the width, style, stones, and metal, to provide you with your unique custom made diamond ring which reflects your personality. We can utilise the stones in your old jewellery, or add new ones along side the existing to produce your custom piece. We aren’t limited to working with just the older pieces and materials.
If you don’t like the metal in your existing jewellery, it can also be remodelled to your most preferred choice. We don’t always need to start from scratch, sometimes all that’s necessary is an upgrade in a selected section to create a unique and well designed piece you’ll treasure.

Remodelling for your Engagement

You want to propose using your grandmother’s ring? But the ring is looking tired and worn?Surprising your partner with a family heirloom is one of the most personal things to connect your families. All family jewellery has a unique story and sentimentality that can’t be bought – let us help you restore your family connection for the next generation! Whether your ring is missing a stone or is just in need of some tender love and care, our expert jeweller will guide you through what is required to give your jewellery another lease on life.
Visit our showroom to discuss your remodelling requirements & don’t forget to bring in your jewellery!

Need Help Designing a Custom-Made Wedding Ring?

Not sure where to start?
Our wedding ring guide will give you some useful tips.
Alternatively, get in touch and one of our jewellers will be happy to answer your questions.

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