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Looking for jewellery repair and restoration services?

At Jewellers Mark, we understand the value of your precious jewellery and provide high-quality services to ensure that your treasured pieces are wearable. With our experience and craftsmanship, we are well-equipped to take up even the most intricate jewellery repairs. Whether you require a simple repair or have a more complex requirement, feel free to connect with us. From clasp replacement, fixing broken chains and necklaces to cleaning and polishing, we can restore the original form of your jewellery.

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Our Repair Services 

Jewellery Chain Repair

If your precious chain breaks, we are here to fix it. Our service involves intricate soldering to reconnect the chain while ensuring that it looks unblemished.

Ring Repair

Do you feel that your ring looks out of shape? With our repair and restoration services, you can make your ring appear its sparkling best. Our reshaping service involves the use of mandrel and hammering, to give the ring its circular shape.

Prong Replacement Service

The most extensively used type of jewellery setting, it involves the tiny metals that hold gemstones and precious stones in place. Over time, the setting is susceptible to damage and you may want to use our service to ensure that the precious stones are not lost. With our service, you can effectively restore the original setting and be sure that the jewellery can be worn for years.

Rhodium Plating

Want to revive the look of a dull piece of jewellery? The process of Rhodium plating applies a strong, silvery metal to bind one metal with the other. Our Rhodium plating service can be used for all types of base metal to increase the lustre and durability of your jewellery.

Fix A Broken Necklace Clasp

The necklace clasp is prone to damage and you may notice that the lock has become loose or has broken. Our service is designed to fix all types of locks to make your jewellery wearable.

Stone Replacement and Sourcing

The focal point of any jewellery is precious stones. However, over time, you may have lost the stone or would want to restore a stone with a new one. Our stone replacement service is comprehensive and we can offer an outcome that is impressive. From sourcing a stone to ensuring that it is intricately placed on your jewellery, we can create something that you will absolutely love.


To find out more about our jewellery repair service, feel free to get in touch with us.

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