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Chain Length Adjustment

If you have a necklace that is too long or a bracelet that is not fitting perfectly, we have the right solutions for you. We will shorten the chain by removing the extra section and adjusting the clasp. With our service, you can create the perfect length to suit your precise needs.

Ring Downsizing

Resizing a ring down is a much simpler process and can be done easily by removing a small portion of the band out. The pieces are then joined together while ensuring that the circular shape of the ring is maintained. The ring is then cleaned and polished to give it a smooth finish and remove any traces of antioxidants that may result from soldering. After resizing, the ring has a flawless look and appears as good as new.

Ring Upsizing

The process of upsizing a ring is much more complex and depends on how large you want to make the ring. If you wish to increase the size by more than half, the ring needs to be cut. The band on the ring will be cut to add an additional bridge based on the size required. The same metal will be used followed by the process of soldering. Depending on the metal, the laser method is also used to join the additional bridge. If there is a precious or semi-precious stone in the ring, the method will be determined accordingly to ensure that a smooth finish is maintained. The ring is then shaped, cleaned and polished to give it an exquisite look.

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